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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Eat healthier, live better for $2 a serving

This web page has some great starting points and ideas of how to cook on a budget

Here are some websites with recipes if you are on a budget:

If money isn't the issue, but you just need some inspiration:

Wait, you don't know how to cook? No problem, take a class from our good friends at

Some tricks we use to increase the health factor include:

- Adding flax oil. An easy ingredient to up the fiber in a dish without changing the flavor.

- If you want to bump the protein and fiber, add chia seeds.

- There are lots of protein powders out there you can add to meals to increase protein content. Pea protein is a great option.

- Switching from rice to quinoa is a good way to increase the dish's nutrition.

- A well spiced dish doesn't need as much salt or fat. In the international section of Jungle Jim's you can get large containers of spices for a fraction of the cost of most grocers. Make a trip once a year and stock up.

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